We took Einstein's famous quote: God doesn't play with dice and mutated to "God does play with dice". This is a game where the player will impersonate god and can decide the fate of the planet Earth by just rolling two dice.

God Plays With Dice 

Instructions please red before to play because I had no time for a tutorial :-) 

This is a god game sand box; There was not time to design a tutorial but I have left some notes in the level to help you out. The chicken, God,  needs to guess a roll of a dice, fate. You can roll the dice by activating a switch, named infernal machine, then you need to run to the right side of the screen an sit on a pressure pad to guess the number.

If you move out of the pad then you will not be able to guess the dice roll.

There is a gate that can teleport you from the left to the right side of the level. Most of the time you need to run against time to reach the pressure pad.

Some other time not even God can reach the right side of the level to make his guess because he hasn't got enough time.

If you guess right the planet won't be hurt otherwise the planet would be bombed, population killed and houses destroyed :-)

Life is unpredictable, not even God knows the outcomes! 


Developer: Alessandro Ambrosone

Musician: Peter Hawkey: https://soundcloud.com/peterhawkey

Artist for pixel art: Pete 


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Very nice!!!I had a lot of fun

Thank you, your nickname sounds familiar...


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